Anti Aging Hacks Mission

When someone in our extended family has a health problem, the most common refrain is “Ask Rod”. Why? Because I’m known for searching out the truth and finding solutions they probably won’t get by visiting their doctor. Over many years I have developed a particular talent for cutting through the clutter and finding what many times turns out to be simple solutions for their health problems.


My interest in healthy living and longevity in particular began with my father. No, he wasn’t a doctor… just a simple workingman with only a 6th grade education. But he was an avid reader. Each month there appeared in our mailbox early issues of Organic Gardening (and later Prevention) magazine. We eagerly read them from cover to cover.

Tragically, when I was 12 my mother developed cancer. After a three-year battle, she died at age 32. No doubt this event more than any other helped solidify my desire to learn more about health and longevity.

In late spring of my 19th year, I dropped out of college after completing a year of pre-med and took a job as a hospital orderly. My plan at the time was to return to college in the fall and pursue my goal to become a doctor. But Uncle Sam had other ideas… I received a letter to report to St Louis for an induction physical.

Being drafted into the Army in 1969 wasn’t an appealing proposition, so despite the fact I could have avoided it by returning to college (keeping my college deferment), I decided to join the Air Force. Although I asked to be considered for any of 3 health related positions, the Air Force ordered me to Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor School!

By the time I returned to civilian life in Dec. 1974, I had married a nurse and had two daughters. Knowing the amount of time and money it would take for me to become a doctor would place a tremendous hardship on my family; I decided to enter nursing school instead. For personal reasons I dropped out after a year. During that time, I wrote my first paper on longevity. I’ll be sharing what I discovered in the free anti aging digest newsletter.

Nineteen years later (1994), I wept uncontrollably at the traditional “candle-lighting ceremony” given for graduating Registered Nurses. I had finally reached my goal to become a nurse.

Even though there were many obstacles in my path to become a nurse, my interest in learning more about health and longevity never wavered.

My primary focus in nursing is in the field of geriatrics with a secondary focus on psychiatric nursing. I have served as Health Services Director for a 110 room assisted living facility, Resident Care Coordinator for a skilled nursing facility, Regional Nurse Consultant for a multi-facility assisted living company, and in two positions as a geriatric psychiatric nurse in both a dementia care unit and a hospital.

My current position is Resident Care Manager in a long-term care and skilled nursing facility. I interact with seniors everyday. Mission

Because of my father’s early influence, I continue to avidly read books and newsletters on health, nutrition, and longevity. And because of my history in the medical profession, I can sift through the jargon and biased half truths and make sure that you get to know the useful anti aging information.

At 58 I am certainly not in a position to be passive about extending my life for another 58 or more years, but living a long life is only part of it. Every day I see people in their 80s and 90s (and even much younger) who require extensive assistance with the normal activities of daily living. Their lives are extremely regimented by the structure of institutional living. I’ve also seen people in the same age group still actively (and healthily) living in their own homes. I’m sure you’ll agree, the later is better.

My mission is to share with you my current and future knowledge on life extension for many years to come.

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