What About Human Growth Hormone as a Dietary Supplement?

Human Growth Hormone therapy has transcended the supplement world and has controversially become increasingly popular with consumers not interested in the injection variety of Human Growth Hormone therapy. Some cannot afford the expensive injections and turn to supplements as their alternative. Also known as HGH, it is produced naturally in the human body through a small gland at the base of the brain called the pituitary gland.

Not precisely nailed down as to how it functions, HGH is known through research and study to signal the body for necessary actions needed for a healthy and vibrant body. Research has also implied that the hormone works to keep us looking young, active and feeling great when the HGH levels are at normal releasing. When we age, the levels of HGH are somehow diminished and production is slowed, resulting in the aging process throughout the whole body including older looks, feeling slower and weaker and a loss of vitality.

HGH supplements can benefit the body through acting to give the body additional nutrients needed for better health. Some people have unfortunately confused HGH supplements as a way to burn fat for weight loss. Although the use of HGH supplements can cause weight loss while using, it is not the goal of an HGH supplement. HGH supplements give the body in general the ability to function better and therefore causes the metabolism to function more efficiently and then is able to burn fat easier and results show through weight loss, but this is not the only wonderful result of the dietary supplements.

A feeling or vitality and overall health will be felt as well as an increased and enhanced sexual libido. New hair growth and a strengthened immune system may result from the supplements. Studies have also shown that HGH supplements have help to prevent illnesses such as osteoporosis and the visual signs of aging.

As mentioned above HGH come in injection form and are not nutritional supplementation, but a synthetic form of the natural HGH found in the body. They require a physician’s approval and prescription, which are not readily given out, very costly and have shown to pose potential serious side effects. They are temporary and need follow-up injections to keep the HGH treatment going. HGH supplements work to activate the pituitary gland on its own to produce more HGH and are relatively free from side effects since they are not chemicals added to the body. Caution should be practiced when considering a HGH supplement purchase.

Just like any other highly demanded product for sale, there are those that look to rip people off with expensive look-a-likes and wanna-be’s. Avoid products that say they are “HGH like” and packaging that use test results from injections placed on a supplement product. There is no “like” products, it either is or is not and comparing HGH injections to a HGH supplement is a no-brainer.

Healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle habits can provide a person with amazing benefits when added to the combination of a HGH dietary supplement. It can not do the job for you, but it can definitely help you. Know what you are buying and how to use and what to expect from the product before buying. Look over any side effects so not only will you be aware of them you can determine if the product is still worth trying. While we can not reduce our age, we can reduce the body’s acceptance of age.

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