What Are HGH Supplements Used For

Growth hormones stimulate cell production, natural growth and regeneration in the body.  The term “HGH” as an abbreviation,  refers to Somatotropin, a growth hormone which is produced using recombinant DNA technology in humans.

What is HGH used for?

Medicinally, Growth Hormone is used to treat growth disorders in children and growth hormone deficiencies in adults.  However, the recent race against time to slow down aging has seen an increase in the use of hormone replacement therapies to counteract the ravages of time and also in the fight against obesity.

What are the effects of Growth Hormone in the body?

Patients with Growth Hormone deficiency symptoms have reported a decrease in body fat, an increase in muscle mass, bone density and energy levels.  There have also been reports of improved sexual function,  improvement in skin tone and improved function of the immune system.

At present HGH is considered an extremely complex hormone with many of its functions remaining unknown factors and should be used with caution.
HGH as an anabolic agent is frequently used in competitive sport and its use by competitors while competing has been banned by both the NCAA and the IOC.

HGH is also popular among body builders for its ability to increase lean body mass without increasing body fat.  A balance of inhibiting and stimulating peptides determines the release of growth hormone in the body, however, this balance is significantly affected by physiological factors such as nutrition, exercise and sleep as well as by free fatty acids which inhibit the secretion of growth hormone.

HGH supplements are taken by women who would like to turn back the clock as an anti-aging treatment and for the benefits of improved skin tone and texture.

HGH supplements are also popular with people with weight issues who want the benefits of body fat loss which HGH supplements promise to provide.

How does it work?

HGH is secreted by the pituitary gland in a pulse like manner during the day, with surges occurring at 3 – 5 hour intervals.  The most predictable and largest peaks in secretion occur an hour after the onset of sleep, with almost 50% occurring during the 3rd and 4th REM sleep cycles. Other than that there is wide variation in secretion between individuals and between days.

HGH is available on prescription from a doctor or physician who would normally only prescribe it for legitimate treatment of children with growth issues, or for adults with growth hormone deficiencies, usually in injectable form.

HGH supplements like Sytropin are available over the counter and online as a supplement for anti-aging treatment and weight loss.

Claims of benefits of hgh supplements from suppliers are numerous and it is advisable to get the advice of a doctor regarding the efficacy and legitimacy of a product on the market before using it.

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